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Road Markers

Avoid the problems associated with battery-powered markers such as short lifespan, decline in performance over time, and maintenance. Solar Road Markers are economical and easy to maintain. In fact, they are the only product utilizing the advanced technology of a capacitor unit as an energy source! Solar Road Markers uses intelligent and sophisticated circuitry, built to conduct every required process such as generation, preservation and consumption of electric power in accordance with environmental conditions. The Capacitor uses current technology which combines the advantages of a conventional condenser and the features of a rechargeable battery for optimum functionality. The response is faster with no decline of performance over time. In fact, the Capacitor lasts for approximately 274 years!

LED lights are the best option for road markers because they provide a significant increase in the effective warning distance for drivers, use very little energy, and provide the utmost in safety and visibility. Unlike conventional reflective markers, the Solar Road Marker is visible up to a mile away, helping to prevent accidents. They emit rather than reflect light, which is useful particularly on road sections that are unable to pick up the headlight beam. Effective light diodes draw, not distract, the drivers attention to the road.

Product Advantages

High Reliability: Heavy duty design that is long lasting, impact resistant, and engineered to survive invirtually any weather condition.

Low Maintenance: Once installed, it stays brighter longer and is replaced less often, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Full Autonomy: Each unit is completely independent and self-directed. It does not depend on anything other than ambient lighting such as sunlight, partial light and lamps in order to work properly.

Long Distance Visibility: Visible up to one mile, the Solar Road Marker is the perfect safety addition to any road or highway.

Flashing Function: Designed to flash in low visibility and at night, the Solar Road Marker assists drivers in seeing the road, preventing accidents and injuries.

Easy to Install: Each Solar Road Marker takes only a few minutes to install. Simply clean the road surface and affix the Solar Road Marker with a high strength adhesive.

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